Saturday, April 25, 2009

Plan B Week Continued with F J Bergmann

F J Bergmann is the author of four chapbooks. The most recent, Constellation of the Dragonfly, is her most ambitious to date. Bergmann has been mining a rich but mostly unknown vein of writing called Science Fiction Poetry. Other practitioners include Dwight Ackerson, Michael Bishop, Thomas Disch, and the late Ray Bradbury.

Bergman, the 2008 Rhysling Award winner (an annual award for science fiction, fantasy, or horror poetry), could be said to have perfected her own work. In her previous chapbooks, her science fiction poetry shared space with some more traditional pieces. In “Constellation of the Dragonfly”, she goes “all in,” providing the vivid cover image as well as a complete collection.

From “Astroculture”:

he saw them shining between clumps
of dry grass like exuberatingly flung glitter,
their suspicious little eyes staring up at him.

to “Angels Move Into the House Next Door”:

The new occupants whitewashed the outside
of the house, even the windows, and planted
the yard with white violets, lilies, and apple trees
that never set fruit.

To “As above, So Below”:
In the evening
sky a cloud formed in the shape of
a squid, and began raining
Indelible ink.

The collection is rife with images, as good as they come. ($13.00 -

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