Friday, February 26, 2010

The Week In Books: The Mario Brothers Read A Book, Google Loses Key Spy Author Support, Renes Descartes Letter Discovered & Ready To Be Judged By Mind

This will have to be a quick edition of the week in books, as the DA is a blue collar sod who is on snow duty.

The Mario Brothers want to sell you books.

Or something like that. Just one more big name joins the e-reader market with more questions than answers remaining. Suddenly, my idea for marketing a special e-reader key chain for your different e-readers (and their publisher exclusive contracts) seems like a practical business idea.

In the meantime I'm wondering if Mario, let alone Toadstool, has ever read Dostoevsky.

Google is slowly losing ground in their quest to control every damned thing.

I wonder if they'll shut down Blogger users who harp on this. One way to find out...

The article describes the list of authors opting out of the Google settlement (for copyright violations) as ranging from Thomas Pynchon to Jeffrey Archer.

Is that some sort of gamut? I am beginning to understand less and less of the way we are categorizing authors. The important thing though is that some people, ranging from literary spy thriller writers to popular spy thriller authors (okay, I'll stop) are resisting this most obvious of displays of power.

Does It Exist If Still Unfound?

Something that I'm sure the good people at Hesperus are asking right now (please, come back to the sates).

Haverford college is just another local school who is sure to figure in the evening news. Scratch that. Lower Marion, my old high school football rival (played in the 100th contest, mind you) will be the only one on the TV. This letter by Descartes though... Far more interesting than a story about IT guys spying on young girls over the internet.

Is it just me, or is the national news paying equal measure to a story about a high school IT department as they did about the CIA spying on US citizens?

Time Celebrates A Ruinous And Grand Tradition

Life's list of drunken, drug addled genius. Nuff said.

In any case, it's back to fight the snowpacalypse.

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