Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guess The Back List Free Book Contest

Really struggling to name this installment. It's back though, whatever it's called.

Once again we have a relationship existing between the front list title and the back list title only this time it is somewhat less direct. There is nothing so obvious as the tarot card driven formatting of last week's books. It is perhaps more tenuous but I believe the books hold some form of commonality that is worth noting.

The Front List title for next week is The Singer's Gun by Emily St. John Mandel. It is her second book and a worthy follow up to her exciting debut novel, Last Night In Montreal. Like the latter title it lives somewhere between contemporary literary fiction and thriller genres. In the case of The Singer's Gun it slides further toward the thriller side and in particular spy fiction.

To begin her novel Mandel quotes from a 2003 New York Times article by the writer Michael Pye. In it Pye cites the milieu of post 9/11 world as reason for an effort to form a new sort of travel writing, in particular one that would convey the sense of danger and severity in which our new world lives in.

It is this notion of thrilling exigence that I focused on for this Monday's Back List title. It is adventurous spy fiction crafted by a master of the genre. The lead character is even of literary inclinations, just like the protagonist of Mandel's novel. In both cases there is much shadowing of the character's past endeavors, which over time are revealed.

Remember, the winner is the first to guess correctly the title of the Back List title on the post announcing the contest on Facebook. You will receive the Back List title, free of charge or shipping (anywhere in the world, people). Good luck.

Oh, and two guesses per person. I want brilliance, not work ethic.

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