Sunday, January 31, 2010

The New Devil's Accountant

Don't worry. The new format isn't one of burning texts after deeming them heretical.

Well, new format to the posting in any case. It is the same old tired accountant who will be plying his trade here. Also the same look, which I'm sure you all groaned at upon arrival here.

Any way, how the hell are you guys? Good? That's great.

Now about these proposed changes. They are simple. Gone will be the thematic monthly reviews and in their place will be a series of regular weekly posts that will allow me to work with more current content while also maintaining a healthy look into the past. How so? Let me explain.

My goal is to put up a post every Monday and Friday. Mondays will continue to be the main post day and Fridays will be more service oriented.

I am titling the Monday posts Front List/Back List. The idea will be to review (I prefer to say "call attention to") a new release and an older title of relevance. The relevance can be related to just about anything.

Perhaps the back list title compares interestingly with the front list title. Perhaps the two books are stunningly diametrical.

Not to mention that the front list and back list titles need not relate to each other and instead I may simply look at a new book and then look at an older book that is apropos of some current affair, new movie or cultural phenomena.

The goal of Front List/Back List will be to create a dynamic view of literature. I was beginning to feel that my previous format was too stuffy. At the same time I find too much of modern reviewing and blogging to be concerned only with the right now of current publishing. Month to month it seems like books slide from the book review to the trade paperback table to the book club lists and then into the solitude of the back list shelves.

In a Barnes & Noble this purgatory is located somewhere in the store after the calendars and gift books, right across the rope bridge and up a greased pole.

Thus the need for this. Or so I am trying to convince you.

Granted with the existence of an increasing handful of publishing firms working with older or neglected titles it is pleasantly easy to work with the old as new. I merely want to take this one step further and bring certain books forward via association to current events, politics and even popular culture phenomena.

The Friday post is slightly less exciting (if you found the first one exciting, that is). It is however a post that should prove useful to readers of the DA. Every Friday I will use the DA as a sort of aggregate and collect some of the better posts or articles from around the net.

This of course will be literary in its focus and with a heaping side of yours truly's opinions. For instance you should tune in this Friday to read my rant about the long term implications of Amazon declaring a brief but revealing economic war on a publisher it saw as delinquent.

The Friday post will just be one more way I can be sure to let you know my opinion. He says tossing his hair and biting the nib of his pencil with wretched self-adulation.

Joking aside you should know that I'm back and that the DA will maybe even get something of a visual makeover. I will definitely post the first "Week In Review" this Friday.

Don't hold your breath for too long concerning those sweeping design changes.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Changes Are A'Coming

This image depicts what rethinking a blog looks like. Supposedly.

I figured some folksy sounding title would excuse the silence of the blog over the past couple weeks. No? Well, I'll be plum (expletive deleted) sorry then.

Basically I'm taking the month of January off to enjoy the frigid air and bleak skies. That's just how I roll.

What I can tell you is that I am also working on some changes to the Devil's Accountant, namely reducing or dropping the thematic nature of the blog. I want to pursue more current content and so am trying to figure a way to do so while also maintaining the mission statement of the blog.

Late January, hopefully on the same dates as the first posts I will announce the new format. In the meantime enjoy the cold.

And read damn it!