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Favorable Schools to Attend for an Education in Accounting

Choosing the right school to attend for an education in accounting can be difficult. Students looking to attend college for the first time in their freshman year can have a very hard time finding their ideal school. However, the difficulty … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Mistakes on Your Taxes

Income tax returns are a necessity no working person can avoid although many do try. With three additional days to file tax returns (tax day is April 18), no excuse will excuse you from tax penalties and interest. Stop procrastinating … Continue reading

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Toshiba’s Massive Accounting Disaster

For decades, few companies had enjoyed the respectability and prestige that had surrounded that of Toshiba, which includes several companies, ranging from office equipment to computer hardware. Toshiba Envy of Industry For 140 years, the industrial conglomerate had set corporate … Continue reading

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Pablo Escobar’s Accountant

Everyone has heard of the Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug lord who rose to power and lead the infamous Medellin drug cartel throughout the 1980s, but less is known about his brother and accountant, Roberto Escobar. Roberto grew up alongside … Continue reading

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Signs You Need a New Accountant

How do you tell that your accountant is under-performing? Do you trust your accountant to a fault? Bad accountants can go on for years without exposure. An effective accountant is very critical to the success of business. For many years, … Continue reading

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Fraud in $4 Trillion Trade Finance Has Banks Turning Digital

Standard Chartered Plc, which lost almost $200 million from a deceit at China‚Äôs Qingdao port two years ago, has teamed up with DBS Group Holdings Ltd. to develop an electronic ledger of invoices that uses a parallel platform to the … Continue reading

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