Favorable Schools to Attend for an Education in Accounting

Choosing the right school to attend for an education in accounting can be difficult. Students looking to attend college for the first time in their freshman year can have a very hard time finding their ideal school. However, the difficulty in selecting a school is not limited to first-time college students. Even students looking for an Accounting program to attend for their Master’s degree may have a hard time choosing.


Thankfully, there are many reputable schools offering all levels of degrees in Accounting. Two great choices are listed below, but these are only a glimpse of the choices.


Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania


The Wharton School of Business offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in Accounting. This well-respected school is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The Accounting department has an active research program, and students can study niche areas such as “Accounting for Financial Instruments” or “International Accounting Standards.”


This school is a good choice for undergraduate students because they can pursue their Master’s degree here upon completion of their Bachelor’s. The opportunity to participate in research with world-class faculty is also very valuable.


  1. University of Southern California – Levanthal School of Accounting at the Marshall School of Business


The University of Southern California offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Accounting. The undergraduate program is located at the Levanthal School of Accounting, which is ranked one of the top five Accounting Schools in the United States. Students are taught by distinguished, world-class professors and have unparalleled guidance with all their courses. This university also offers a graduate program in Accounting that is ranked eighth in the country by U.S. News and World Report. These highly ranked schools look very impressive on a resume, and may help students get ahead when applying for jobs after graduation.


Why is attending the right school important?


  • Students have the opportunity to form important connections that may help them find a job.
  • Professors who truly understand the material and have passion for Accounting are integral to a successful education
  • The environment of the school plays a large role in the happiness of every student, and in turn impacts their ability to concentrate


It’s imperative to find an Accounting program that is perfect for each individual student. While some students would be right at home at the Levanthal School of Accounting or the Wharton School of business, others might be better off choosing a smaller school with less pressure. Every student has individual needs and will succeed in a different environment.


Most importantly, when choosing an Accounting program, students should consider where they feel the most comfortable. It can be extremely beneficial to tour the school before committing to attend, so potential students have a chance to meet the professors and get a feel for the environment of the school.


Knowledgeable professors are also key. It’s integral to make sure the professors have a clear grasp of the material themselves and to be certain their teaching style is appealing to each individual student. There are countless schools to choose from and ultimately the individual student must decide what’s best for them.


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